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The 9 graphic trends that will mark 2020

If you are going to create your website, here are the main graphic trends that are announced for this year 2020.

1. Ever more impactful typographies
For 2020, you don’t have to worry about becoming myopic: you will be able to see, from a distance, the texts of posters, advertisements or websites. Because the trend of the year will be for bold and broad typographies, those that read regardless of your eye test score.

The difficulty will be to compose designs that revolve around these spellings. While playing, in other places, with increasingly polished and personalized fonts.

2. Illustrations that only look like you
The illustrations are a card that you will be able to play in abundance. The idea is to free yourself from image banks and photomontages that anyone can imitate.

You will offer illustrations that correspond only to you, and which will be found as a common thread on your website as well as in punctuation of your printed documents.

You even notice that the illustrations are so present that they allow themselves to appear even in the photos. The mix of the two styles is so 2020, you will not be able to escape it!

3. Bright color gradients
Vibrant colors continue to be fashionable in 2019. Playing on a two-tone, almost degraded, presentation of these highlights the flat design illustrations that have come to the fore of late. It gives off a welcome dynamism and vitality.

This technique also allows you to stay on the same color palette, without risking the rainbow effect, but without monotony either. This facilitates the choice of tones.

You will also find more and more shades reminiscent of neon and fluorescent lights from the 80s to 90s.
An obvious trend as the old children of those times are the decision makers of now.

4. Minimalism for clear messages
In 2020, minimalism is the order of the day! You will opt for more refined designs, where the main message appears clearly.

For two reasons :

it’s more readable on small smartphone screens where your users wear out their eyes;
you will focus attention faster.
Even landing pages are becoming minimalist to meet the wishes of consumers.

5. 3D to create the illusion
Playing with optical illusions to surprise and disconcert is another idea to boost your graphic creations in 2019.

And to play with depth and shapes, nothing better than 3-dimensional elements, their creations were now made easier thanks to ever more efficient tools.

This year, depth will be brought to the various graphic compositions, bringing them to life and sometimes giving the impression of being able to touch the elements.

6. Subtly modified colors
You will continue to take care of your vision in 2020, slightly toning down flashy colors in your designs. The trend is towards slightly softer tones, with a hint of white or black.

These shades are not very far from the pastels seen a few years ago, their interest being to appear more natural than the pops colors.

7. Branding more and more highlighted
The fortune tellers will have their work cut out for them. They will no longer be able to offer their customers “a trip with a beautiful stranger”. Quite simply because the flagship trend of 2020 is indeed the personalization of the message.

The designs will be based more and more on the personality of the brand, the values ​​that it wishes to put forward. This is really how everyone will be able to differentiate themselves, more than by copying the same graphic recipes as their competitors.

8. Logos suitable for all screens
Responsive design, making your site as convenient and readable on a smartphone as it is on a big screen, has become standard on the web.

From now on, it will be the same for logos, which will have to come in different versions – the largest and most elaborate being reserved for publications with maximum space.

The logos will also have a more refined model, reduced to its simplest expression, which can appear in a small square, like those of page tabs in browsers. This is the easiest way to visually occupy the pitch.

The hardest part, perhaps, will be figuring out what constitutes the essence of your logo, which identifies you even without all of its packaging. And this approach can sometimes require a preliminary redesign of the logo itself.

9. The exploitation of liquid matter
The transcription of the surface of the water will appear in more and more graphic creations. Whether it is water, oil or any other liquid substance, this trend inspires many contemporary designers.

The liquid material gives a lot of freedom when it comes to associating it with typographies, remembering that the states and thicknesses can be different.

Web design will not be left out. Liquid textures will give an imaginary and mysterious look.

The technical aspect will not be neglected either: motion design will be increasingly emphasized in the future of internet pages. This will allow a story to be told where the landing pages will be minimalist and the illustrations will be simpler.