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Website Creation

Whether it is to enhance your brand image or increase your business opportunities, we design your website to offer the best experience to your customers.

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Professional Website


Whatever your size, large or small, having a website is an essential step to succeed in your project and boost your business. To do this, we help you create your website by providing you with a wide range of solutions (showcase site, e-commerce, events, catalog, blog) allowing you to:

  • Design or redesign your website
  • Modernize the design of your website
  • Speed up the display speed of your site
  • Add features

WordPress Website


We are wordpress experts, the world’s most widely used content management system (CMS). Currently 30% of online sites are designed and developed with wordpress. Thanks to this system you can easily manage and administer your website. This system allows you to customize the site theme, insert articles, images, videos and files with a single click. You can also manage product catalogs, send newsletters, share content, add and delete pages. You will be the master of your project.

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The maintenance of the website is an essential step to ensure the good functioning of the project and to avoid the breakdowns and the bugs which are frequent. The site must evolve while respecting the technical standards of the W3C.

Maintenance includes several elements, namely text and content modification, script updates and data backup. Indeed an unmaintained site is a site which is not secure. In addition, it will not be displayed correctly on browsers and it will not be well referenced.

As a result, Pixelia will allow you to succeed in this step and develop your project.


Graphic Design


The success of your project begins with the design of your visual identity which will give and convey the image of your company, its professionalism and its skills throughout its existence. Visual identity is the heart of your digital communication strategy. And the basis of this identity is the logo which is simply the graphic representation of your project.

Thus, our mission is to help you develop your notoriety, your visibility and increase your turnover through a complete and professional graphic charter and ensure its application on the various communication media.

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